Tijo’s Biography

biographyMr.Tijo Varghese renowned magician from Coimbatore/Tamilnadu,Magician Tijo Varghese From the past 25 years in the field of magic industry and popular among all over India .Apart From Magic he is running a one or more Concern with his Father Mr.T.V.Thomas Director of Bharath Electric Motors and now He is Helping out his father Manufacture Business and other Concern Ms.Bharath Windmill Motors Director Mr.Tijo Varghese .He is Planned to improve his Manufacturing Concern with Lot of Techniques and Ideas and also to Entertain Clients ,He has also Done Many TV Shows Programs in all over India .Tijo Varghese Received Many numerous awards and rewards .Tijo has performed to the audience and standing ovation across the city more than many years .Tijo always loves to Amaze and amuse his audience like watching the Magic Magician Tijo Varghese has got Many Membership From International Magician Societies Like (Society of International Magician in Kuwait) Ref : Achievements Page )//.Membership in (All India Magician Society in Punjab )Ref :Achievements Page )// and Much More.His main aim is to entertain public and make many awareness spreads,Many good messages to the Public.Tijo Varghese Passion towards magic will not end with prizes or awards alone .His main aim is to entertain public and also to help many poor peoples by this income .He follows his ideal mission to both in his Personal life and his Professional


Being Inspired from the Famous Magician Perform in a School life .Tijo Was very Fond Seeing the Performance of famous Magician in Tamilnadu His magic show was Witnessed .Tijo was very much interested in the magic which was performed on that day by a famous magician in Tamil Nadu and later he tried but Refused by saying “Magic is a secret “But later by Gods Grace he met Mr.Jammu known as Mr.Jayaram the Famous magician and also the mentor from Tamilnadu was a turning point in his life .Tijo was Chosen him a GURU and learnt many tricks from the famous magician and also later have got in addition another Guru Mr. johnson (famous Magician in Tamilnadu )that provides more strong basement in my magical life and later many magicians have helped me a lot to come up in my life in my little age .Tijo has become a popular magician in India and also Abroad.Tijo takes his audience into the engrossing world of magic with his fine talent of mesmerizing and attention Gripping .Tijo uses amazing magical methods and he is well versed in stage illusion,platform magic ,corporate magic,etc.He has performed many shows in abroad too.


Born on OCTOBER 7th 1987 in Thiruvalla (Kerala ),Pathanamthitta District,Settled in Coimbatore Because of His Dad’s Business .Tijo’s Parents Mr. T.V.Thomas, and Molly Thomas,He was very interested into the magic when he saw the magic performance in his school life .Tijo Completed his 3 Master Degrees Such as M.Sc.,MBA.,MCA in Tamilnadu and turned his life into Magic Profession and also into the Manufacturing industry ,He started Practising magic with his interest and later it becomes Profession.He Decides to take his magic profession has part time Tijo has married to Mrs.Pinky ,He settled with his family in Coimbatore